How we improve patient compliance.

Care Center

Our Care Center manages each patient's account with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and detailed reporting on outcomes.

Product Delivery Management

Pathstone Health Services practices "Just in Time" delivery to ensure we are only shipping what the patient needs.

Phone Calls

Pathstone Health Services proactively calls patients befor they are scheduled for a medication refill. By developing patient relationships through diligent follow-up, we increase early interventions for interactions.


REMS Support

Pathstone Health Services will coordinate the delivery of medications that require specific protocols, ensuring that patients, doctors and/or pharmacies are following these protocols.

Clinical Management

Pathstone Health Services compliance and persistence programs ensure that drug therapies are managed safely and effectively. Our Patient Care Advocates also document adverse side effects and medication interactions in order to report this information back to you in a timely manner.

Compliance and Adherence

Patient Care Advocates

Our Patient Care Advocates form relationships with patients to improve compliance and evaluate any adverse reactions.

Emails & Automatic Reminders

Phone calls, emails and our mobile app keep patients on track with dosage and refill reminders.

Monthly Check-in

Our Patient Care Advocates call patients once a month to check in, answer questions and proactively identify and problems.

New Medication Services


We will commit to initial stock levels, helping to make your medication be first to market.


We will provide you with detailed reporting based on clinical results.

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