Health Plans

How Pathstone Health Services helps with patient compliance.

Patient Care Advocates

Our Patient Care Advocates proactively call patients before they are scheduled to fill their prescription and follow up with them to address any questions or concerns.

Medication Delivery Management

Pathstone Health Services utilizes "Just in Time" medication delivery to ensure we're shipping only what the patient needs. We also verify dosage and instructions before shipping any new medication.

Access to Medication Records

Pathstone Health Services has access to a complete record of medications each patient has used, including prescriptions that have been filled at our retail pharmacies.

Pathstone Care Center

Our Pathstone Care Center stays on top of each patient's account with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and detailed reporting.

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Medication Therapy Management

Adjunct Therapies

Pathstone Health Services will evaluate medication therapies and seek adjunct therapies to improve patient outcomes where necessary. Pathstone Health Services will also evaluate patients for cost effective alternatives.

Personal Care

Patient Care Advocates will provide individualized follow-up to increase compliance and ensure that no adverse reactions are occurring.

*Retail partners include Harveys, BI-LO and Winn-Dixie pharmacies.